The journey towards The Eco Gurus

Every idea has a story.
Let us tell you our story of the marvellous journey called  original ecogurus logo version2  and how we came to the idea of making our own Eco-friendly product line.

We started as cleaning ladies ourselves trying to make a name in the business and make a living. We saw a great potential in the business and started growing. In all of the time working as cleaning ladies ourselves and soon after working with other cleaning ladies, we got to realize one fact,all together that the products we were all using on a daily are very dangerous for our health. Nonetheless, it wasn’t only us but also the families and homes that we are providing the cleaning services for.

Imagine applying bleach 4 times a day and using other chemicals that are very unhealthy as part of your daily chores. All of that caused us to think about solutions to the problem and try to find better ways and products for all of us to use on daily basis. 

There are few Eco-friendly products on the market, but our aim was to make a brand of products using only a few and simple ingredients and at the same time working perfectly well and even better than most known every day high-street brands.

original ecogurus logo version2 line consists of three Eco-friendly products for now, but we hope to expand with more products in the near future. 

The line is made of 100% natural products as our aim is to be Eco-friendly as well as to protect the health of our customers and their cleaners. They are also biodegradable so they don’t hurt the environment at the same time.

You can see a detailed description in our next blog post and you can make your own order if you follow the link provided below.

ecogurus logo


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