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According to statistics, an English woman spends approximate 4h of cleaning every week. And as their home is their castle, people like their castles to be clean. So, according to this, we have either the housewife or the cleaning lady using cleaning products that are bad for their health on a regular basis.

As we mentioned in the previous blog post we had a big dream to make our brand of Eco-products that will be good for us our clients and our cleaners.

We started with the idea that it has to be first good for the environment so we have done some extensive research to find all the eco products that can do a great job at cleaning without damaging the environment at the same time being biodegradable. The final result was three cleaning products that we recommend any person to have in their home. These products can replace your everyday pollutants which are used every day or on a weekly cleaning.

We will go in a bit of detail for our product line:

Firstly we would like to present our multi purpose Eco-cleaning paste.
The Eco Gurus cleaning paste is the ideal foam action abrasive cleaner for all dirty uncoated surfaces. It is an eco-friendly product that comes complete with a specially designed applicator which can be stored easily in the lid. It uses a non-toxic and biodegradable formula, no harmful chemicals. It is EU Ecolabel certified.

The Second product that we would like to present is a Limescale Remover which comes in a liquid form made with a mix of apple-vinegar and plant and mineral formula. This product is a great cleaning product for all your bathroom residues that build up over time. It is tough on limescale, soap scum and any kind of bathroom dirt accumulation. It is a great replacement for multiple cleaning products and it will do even a better job than the main street cleaning products without all the use of any industrial chemical.

Asset 2

The last but not least is the eco-laundry liquid detergent that is made with herbal soap and other herbal ingredients and can be used for all kinds of clothes.

It does not contain any dangerous chemicals and it is odorless. It is EU Ecolabel certified.


You can buy all of these products if you follow the link provided below.

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